Steamed Sweet Dumplings

Steamed sweet coconut dumplings; best as a meal or dessert

Sweet coconut dumpling
Total Time (Mins): 
Prep Time (Mins): 
Cook Time (Mins): 

Medium Coconut: ½ (scraped)
Rice Flour: 1 cup
All purpose flour: 1 cup
Jaggery/ Palm Sugar/Panela: 200 gm
Water: 1 cup
Dry Ginger powder: 1 tbsp
Cardamom pods: 6-7 (powdered)
Hot Water: 2 cups 
Salt to taste
Oil to grease


Cooking Method: 
Frying, Steaming
Skill Level: 

1) Mix rice flour and an all purpose flour with salt in a bowl. Add hot water, portion wise and mix to form a rough clumped mass. Take this mixture on a flat surface and knead it with hot water till the dough is smooth, soft and not dry. The hot water should be added with a tablespoon at this stage to avoid the excess addition.

2) Dissolve jaggery with water by bringing to a boil (approx 7-8 min). Strain while hot to remove the impurities. Keep it aside.

3) Heat a fry pan. Add scraped coconut and melted jaggery. Add cardamom powder and ginger powder. Fry till the excess water evaporates and the mixture is dry (approx. 10 min). Transfer to a plate. 

4) Grease your palm with oil. Take the dough the size of big lemon. Flatten the ends with fingers while keeping the centre thick. Stuff with the coconut mixture at the centre while it is still warm. Bring together the ends and roll it into a round shape using your palm. 

5) Grease the steaming tray with oil and place the balls on it. Steam for 10-15 min on a high heat. The balls should look translucent and moist when done.

6) Remove from heat. 

Common Mistakes: 

The coconut mixture should not turn cold or it dries up becoming a tight mass. 


1) If the dumpling wrap breaks off at some places, seal it with dough again

2) Rice flour is added with plain flour to get a firm dumpling


Alternative Ingredients: 

1) Substitute plain jaggery with organic jaggery. It is darker in shade and full of essential minerals.

2) Substitute jaggery with sugar. Do not fry this mixture. Just mix with coconut and stuff in the balls.



Serve hot as a meal or a dessert.