Restaurant Reviews

What looks like a Tharavad, the traditional Kerala style architecture with courtyards inside the property, is a traditional Kerala themed hotel with the restaurant to the right. The tables are arranged around the courtyard with Wall Paintings capturing the quintessential Kerala Woman with the Namaste expression. The open courtyard gives an authentic feel, and we took the table close to the courtyard. 

After the overpriced and mushy lasagna in Cloud Street, we were determined to make our lunch experience memorable. The choice was between ‘The Royal Tibet’ on the first floor and the Tibetan Brothers in the ground floor. The Royal Tibet restaurant looked more like a takeaway restaurant, but we were looking for a simple Lunch experience. Tibetan Brothers had a ‘Free Tibet’ slogan in the entrance with the posters of ‘Tibet’, ‘Save Tibet’ and the Dalai Lama occupying both sides of the wall.

What would you expect when you order special of the day for your lunch from a place known to serve European dishes? A classic, right! Our expectations were high when we ordered a Rs 600 Beef Lasagna from Cloud Street. Reviews from popular travel sites influenced our choice. We expected to see minced Beef layered with lasagna sheets and a creamy cheese topping. What we got was a gooey mess. It was a baked beef lasagna with very little minced beef and vegetable. The Cheesy béchamel sauce was in excess. 

If you drive through the Madikeri-Virajpet Road looking for the infamous “Coorg Pork,” you will most likely miss Taste of Coorg – a small restaurant, hidden in a by-lane, hosted in CMC building with the usual Photostat store, just before the restaurant. What looks like a disarming takeaway restaurant serves probably the best pork dish in Madikeri. We tried the pork curry on the highway near the Nisargadhama reserve, and in at least two restaurants near the Bus Station. Taste of Coorg was the best.