Oats Ladoos

Oats ladoos made with peanuts, coconuts, sesame seeds and dates; a healthy dessert

Oats Ladoos with peanuts and dates
Total Time (Mins): 
Prep Time (Mins): 
Cook Time (Mins): 

Rolled Oats/ Multigrain Oats: 150 gm
Roasted Skinless Peanuts: 150 gm
Roasted White Sesame Seeds: 3 tbsp
Grated Coconut: 100 gm
Seedless wet dates: 100 gm
Jaggery: 50 gm (optional)
Green Cardamom Pods: 5-6 (seeds only)
Clarified Butter: 2-3 tbsp


Cooking Method: 
Dry Roasting
Skill Level: 

1) Dry roast the oats on a medium flame with constant stirring till pinkish or light golden brown. Transfer to an open wide container to cool. Grind to a fine powder. Dry roast the powder for 3-4 min. Remove in a mixing bowl and cool.

2) Dry roast the grated coconut till light golden brown. Remove in a container and cool.

3) Grind peanuts, cardamom pods and roasted coconut till slightly smooth mixture is obtained. It should not be coarse but semi-solid in texture.

4) Grind dates and grated jaggery till smooth. It will clump together at the centre.

5) Melt the clarified butter. Remove from flame. Keep aside.

6) Mix oats, peanut-coconut mixture, sesame seeds, dates-jaggery mixture and warm clarified butter.

7) Mix well, smear palm with clarified butter and form balls/ladoos. The balls will be soft and not hard. Set aside for an hour.

Common Mistakes: 

 1) Grind peanuts and dates into a paste (for the smooth texture)

 2) Do not store in the refrigerator as clarified butter hardens on cooling. If stored in the refrigerator for longer shelf life, microwave for 30 sec before consumption.


Jaggery is added for extra sweetness, you may skip it. Add more clarified butter (1 tbsp) if the mixture is dry.

Alternative Ingredients: 

Substitute peanuts with cashew nuts and almonds. Grind coarsely if used.


Store in an airtight container at room temperature. It will last for 10-15 days, without spoilage.

The recipe is for serving 20 ladoos.

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