Roasted Peanut Chutney

Easy, nutritious peanut chutney made with just 3 ingredients and tempered with mustard seeds

Roasted Peanut Chutney
Total Time (Mins): 
Prep Time (Mins): 
Cook Time (Mins): 

Plain Peanuts: 1 cup
Red chili powder: 1-2 tsp
Tamarind Pulp: 1 tbsp
Water: 2 cups
Salt to taste

Mustard Seeds: 1 tsp
Curry Leaves; 4-5
Whole Red Chili: 1
Peanut/ Cooking Oil: 2 tbsp

Cooking Method: 
Roasting, Frying
Skill Level: 

1) Dry roast the peanuts. Cool. Remove the skin. (approx 7-8 min)

2) Grind peanut, red chili powder, tamarind and salt to a smooth paste

3) Heat oil in a fry pan. Add mustard seeds. Let it splutter. Add curry leaves and whole red chili. Fry for 30 sec.

4) Add ground peanut paste. Add more water if required. Mix well. Bring it to boil.

5) Remove from heat


Common Mistakes: 

Do not burn the peanuts while roasting. It is done when it is easy to peel off the skin from the peanut.  


1) You may add ½ inch ginger and a handful of fried shallots for variation

2) You can add 2-3 tbsp of grated coconut for variation

3) The peanut sauce thickens with heating. Add more water to get required consistency. 

4) If you want to serve it cold, transfer to a serving bowl. Add a spoonful of oil at the surface to avoid skin formation.


Alternative Ingredients: 

Substitute red chili powder with two green chilies. The color of the chutney will be off white. 


Serve hot with idli, dosa, vada or uttapams

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