Degorging is the process of removing the moisture from vegetables by applying salt. By doing so, it softens the vegetable and reduces the oil absorbed. Some of the common vegetables where Degorging is applied include Eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers and cabbages.

You can also remove the bitter taste from vegetables using Degorging. For cucumber and eggplant, a certain amount of bitterness can be removed by peeling. In the case of eggplant, the bitter taste is due to the buildup of a brown colored toxin, which can upset the stomach.

Salting the vegetable is done in two ways: 

a) Salt Application: In this method, vegetables are cut, and the salt is sprinkled and kept aside to ‘Sweat out’. This leaches out a bitter brown watery liquid. 

b) Salt Water Immersion: The cut or sliced vegetable is immersed in heavily salted water. 

After salting the vegetable with ‘Salt Application’ or ‘Salt Water Immersion’, it is kept aside for 10- 30 min, and washed with water to remove the excess salt. The excess water from the vegetables is then squeezed and dried before using it in a recipe. Degorging also refers to soaking meat, poultry, or fish, in cold water to get rid of the impurities.